Monday, February 21, 2005


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Yup, this is why i wasn't able to blog this weekend.
Had some QT trekking, checking out some fab terraces and yep, just chillin'. This was on-the-fly weekend trippin' and let me assure you, i was really paranoid on what would happen to us before the weekend was up. Turns out, it was a most invigorating experience as we toured the famous 8th wonder, as well as got to learn mor eabout The Philippines and yes, interact with fellow trekkers.

For those who wanna go, a weekend getaway to Banaue is a mere (?) 8-hour ride from Manila (Autobus goes there direct, 10pm on the dot everyday of the week, but be sure to get tickets at least 5 hours before). Once you're there, it'll be good to have a guide or a ready driver.

Best way is to bargain and plan with your guide/driver the spots you wanna got o and then set a price for everything. We befriended a nice driver/guide who gave us some choice spots to visit, not to mention a pretty good price -- he was even ready with a cellfone number so we can get in touch with him if we get lost, or need some info!

We decided to check out the viewpoints then spend most of the day trekking to this quaint village of Batad, roughly 3 hours away from Banaue's town proper. It was an hour's trike ride then off to about 2 more hours' worth of trekking over a couple of mountains. I was NOT at all prepared for the hiking (extreme at that!) but wonder of wonders, we managed to arrive there safe and sound (and kinda out of breath). Of course, the amazing view and serene atmosphere more than made up for it.

We stayed in this cozy inn whose rooms opened to the breathtaking view of the ampitheatre-like terraces of Batad. Like us, many tourists (foreigners mostly) loved the view and trekked all over the place.

We had great food at Rita's this nearby inn which served great omelettes and chappati, as well as filling dinners.

It's great to leisurely lounge around the area (too bad we only had a weekend) so if you're spending more time there, be sure to check out the waterfalls (45 mins trek through the rice fields) as well as make like an Ifugao and interact in the village.

Since going back to the town proper was quite a feat (the jeepneys only go there on certain times) you can definitely plan the return ride back with your guide/driver. we were able to set a time when West (our driver) was to pick us up at the junction, so we were able to walk down from the saddle more slowly this time.

The bus ride's a bitch, since the ride back to Manila is at 5pm (better reserve for seats when you arrive at the terminal -- it gets full really quickly) and the stops aren't that nice. But what really gets to you is the amazement of the entire trip --- the sights, the food, the people --- it's really worth the biyahe!


hlF said...

i loooove going to the north! almost as much as i love lazing around a nice beach. did you get to see the museums? looks like you had a lot of fun!

wanderlust junkie said...

i wasnt able to check any museums, but the sights and sounds of Banaue is as good as any museum ;-) asteeg nga sya Herb!!! :-)

Mangoes and Papayas said...

wow, sarap nyo naman! (not that i'd go there myself, being a city slicker and all...) anyway, see ya soon gurl! Im glad you got to get away from it all.... :)

kay said...

wow, now i really want to go there. hehe, good thing summer's coming up...

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